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First and foremost, transitional kindergarten (TK) is classroom focused on loving God and loving each other. It is an early year kindergarten experience designed specifically for young five year olds. This year acts as a bridge between pre-k and kindergarten allowing students the precious gift of time to continue growing and maturing. The TK year provides an intentional learning space for children to develop all the skills necessary to be successful in the years that follow. Depending on the child’s growth and maturation, we have the ability to promote to traditional kindergarten or to first grade at the end of the school year.

The transitional kindergarten classroom environment includes many opportunities for social-emotional development, fine and gross motor activities, ongoing language development, and complex social play. This is all accomplished through the use of hands-on, developmental learning such as: dramatic play time, small group instruction, and the use of manipulatives. Overall, this classroom is designed to be a purposeful opportunity to foster your child’s curiosity, encourage a love of God and of learning, and support an environment of positive social-emotional and academic growth.