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Orangewood Christian has been ahead of the curve in the management for Sports Related Concussion for several years now, thanks to the partnership with AdventHealth’s Sports Concussion Program. We have brought the standard of care that exists in professional and collegiate sports to our athletes here at Orangewood Christian. We have implemented a concussion management policy that includes baseline neurocognitive testing prior to participation in contact or collision sports, removing an athlete from play or practice if a concussion is suspected, and completing a return to play protocol to ensure the athlete's academic success and safe return to athletic participation. 

If you are wondering what a baseline neurocognitive test is; it is a 30-minute computerized test that looks at the athlete's brain function from the standpoint of: 

  • Visual Memory
  • Verbal Memory
  • Speed and Reaction Time
  • Mental Processing
  • Impulse Control

Read below to see which student athletes are required to complete this testing prior to the beginning of their respective season/sport. If a concussion is suspected, the athlete will re-take the test, one of several different versions, where the scores can be compared to their baseline scores. In addition to the neurocognitive scores, we consider the mechanism of injury, the symptoms (type, quantity and severity of those symptoms) and other medical history to determine an appropriate plan of care following an injury.

In the past we have done the testing during the summer at the high school computer lab. But this year, due to Covid 19, we will perform the baseline testing from home. For the 2020-2021 school year; it will be REQUIRED to complete baseline testing over the summer at home. 

Once tested, they are covered for any sport activity the entire school year.  They do not need to take a second baseline to participate in another sport in the same school year.  Concussion baseline testing is performed every year on middle school students and every other year for high school students to account for developmental changes.  See below who is required to take this testing. 

In order to register and take the test at home, you will need to email and he will send you an email with a code and web address to login and perform the test. All testing needs to be done before the start of the new school year as these codes will have an expiration date. 

Orangewood Christian requires concussion baseline testing prior to participation including: 

  • All Middle School Football players and any Middle School athlete playing at the high school level
  • All incoming Freshmen
  • All Juniors 
  • Freshmen, JV or Varsity new to the school who plan on trying out for a sports team/program.  

***Sports included: football, volleyball, cheerleading, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, baseball.  *Note - any middle school student is welcome to take the baseline test, but only middle school football and those playing at the high school level are required to baseline test.***

Any questions or to get your baseline code email


If your child sustains a concussion, please utilize the symptoms scoring sheet below to accurately track the progression of their symptoms. 

You can also review the other recovery recommendations to help your child recover more quickly.

Symptoms Reported by the Athlete

• Headache

• Nausea

• Balance problems or dizziness

• Double or fuzzy vision

• Sensitivity to light or noise

• Feeling sluggish

• Feeling foggy or groggy

• Concentration or memory problems

• Confusion

Signs Observed by Other Individuals

• Appears dazed or stunned

• Is confused about what to do

• Forgets plays

• Is unsure of game, score, or opponent

• Moves clumsily

• Answers questions slowly

• Loses consciousness

• Shows behavior or personality changes

• Can’t recall events prior to hit

• Can’t recall events after hit