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Please SAVE THE DATE – Saturday, April 17, 2021, for Orangewood Christian School’s annual gala.  We are excited to announce this year’s theme, “Gather & Give”, which will give families the opportunity to come together again as we share our BOLD vision of where God is leading our community. It is our desire for every family to join us as we gather to celebrate our successes and Build an Ongoing Legacy of Disciples. Thank you in advance for your participation and for your ongoing love and support!

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Elizabeth Lynn at or 321-246-31465

Date – Saturday, April 17th

Theme – Gather Small. Give Boldly

How – This year, we are encouraging gala attendees to gather small. Our school is recommending that indoor gatherings be limited to no more than 10 individuals. Outdoor and socially distanced gatherings might consider including more attendees.

Where will attendees gather?  - We will soon send out a sign-up sheet to determine who might be interested in participating in the gala. Using this same form, interested families will indicate if they would like to host other attendees in their homes or for an outdoor gathering. 

What’s a host family? A host is someone who is willing to open up their home or another venue and invite a small group to join them that day. We will ask that each host family participate in a brief “Host Training” session to help them prepare for the day.   

Is there a cost associated with being a host? That’s up to individual host families. If the host would like to provide a meal for their guests, great! If they would prefer the gathering to be more of a potluck style, that’s great too! If the host would prefer not to cook – that’s not a problem. Hosts might ask their guests to share some of the cost for food to be delivered. That’s the beauty of this year’s event; it’s flexible for both the host families and other Orangewood families.   

Time – Whenever works best for you and your small group on the day/evening of April 17th.

Will there be ticket sales? NO.  You do not need to purchase a ticket this year and each small gathering will decide what works best for their group as it pertains to food.

What will the format of the gala look like?  Orangewood will deliver a prerecorded gala message prior to April 12th.  This will allow the entire Orangewood community an opportunity to hear from school leaders and families, and our school’s plan to build a new two-story academic building with an enclosed gymnasium on our lower campus. We will also distribute “Host Kits” that will include renderings of the new building.

Will there be sponsorship opportunities? ABSOLUTELY! In fact, because of the event structure, homes all across the country can “tune in” to this year’s gala, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to highlight your company. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities use this LINK

I’m in! Who do I contact about sponsorship opportunities? Scott Hilinski:; 321-303-8795

Bid 4 a Cause – With our lower school building project scheduled to break ground in 2021, we are excited to continue to raise funds for our BOLD Campaign! We need to raise $4.5 Million, so we are praying that all OCS families would choose to invest in this project!

Silent Auction/Teacher Experiences/Class Baskets – All items will be in available for mobile bidding during the designated bidding window. We will have a diverse offering of items to bid on this year through our mobile bidding. Bidding will open on Wednesday, April 14th and will close on Sunday, April 18th at noon.  As always, a link will be sent out to all our guests so bid away!

What if I want to see an item before I bid on it? – Auction items will be set up in the Student Center on the upper campus the week of April 12th.

How will I pick up items I have won once the gala is over? – All items can be picked up at the upper campus between April 19th-April 30th. Items that can fit in a 9”x12” envelope can be shipped at no extra cost.  All “experiences” will have a certificate that explains how you go about redeeming your item. These certificates can be picked up at the upper campus or mailed.

Will I still be able to bid on teacher experiences? YES! We are working with our teachers to offer safe/socially distanced and/or outdoor experience for you to bid on this year.

Who should I contact if I have questions? Elizabeth Lynn:; 321-246-3146