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We firmly believe that eSports has a place in education. It provides many opportunities for growth and learning, such as the creation and practice of “soft skills,” including communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Many of the same skills that employers are looking for in recent graduates. As our iLearn@OCS innovation plan continues, we will plan to offer classes like these in the future:

1.  Shoutcasting 101

2.  Livestreaming to Twitch using OBS

3.  Content Creation for a Digital World

Scholarship Opportunities


eSports can provide a gateway to colleges and universities. The National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), the main governing body for varsity collegiate esports, has awarded millions of dollars in esports scholarships and aid over the last five years. Currently, more than 200 colleges and universities offer nearly 15 million dollars in scholarships.

Esports majors and careers are becoming increasingly more accessible. There are growing opportunities to find employment in esports-related careers. These opportunities include broadcasting, marketing, graphic design, multimedia production, hospitality, coaching, and management.

Esports Embody ISTE Standards


● Empowered Learner
● Digital Citizen
● Knowledge Constructor 

● Innovative Designer
● Computational Thinker

● Creative Communicator 

● Global Collaborator

More than ​200 colleges​ and universities offer nearly 1​5 million dollars in scholarships.

Local College Clubs, Teams and Scholarships


Colleges with degree programs:  Either B.S., Minors and/or Certificate Programs.


UF -


Rollins -


Florida Tech -

Full Sail -

Full Sail eSports Scholarships -

Top College eSports Scholarship opportunities (by NCSA) -

The Fortress - 10 minutes down the street from our school.

Picture of the Fortress at FullSail University

Largest collegiate esports arena in the country (11,200+ sq. ft.)

10 million pixels of LED wall

All LED lighting rig

Concert-level PA system

500 guest capacity