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The K4 program at OCS fosters a love for Christ and one another. The classroom is a loving, safe, and nurturing place where children feel like they belong.  The program provides a developmentally appropriate learning environment with the goal of developing preschool aged children for their future educational needs. K4 students are guided to work with others, make friends, and communicate with their peers and adults in respectful, appropriate ways. 

Preschoolers learn mostly through hands-on learning centers, imaginative play with their peers, and small group carpet instruction. Play is often described as the “work” of childhood. It is through play that children explore their world, take risks, make mistakes, and achieve success. K4 will foster cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development by providing an environment that promotes exploration of materials and social engagement that match the children's age and developmental abilities. This will be nurtured through the use of manipulatives, structured play centers, small group instruction, dramatic play, music, and art. Math, language arts, science, and social studies are embedded into these learning experiences throughout the day.

K4 students participate in Spanish, Physical Education, Computer, Music, Library, Art, STEM and Chapel instruction outside of the classroom teacher. Each day the children have 2 snacks, recess and rest.  Above all K4 strives for each child to experience the awe and wonder of God’s world through hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities.