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You Make Our Day Sponsors!

We would have no way to make these experiences happen for our students without the support of our special sponsors that believe in our Innovation Lab and eSports Curriculum Track.  We cannot express our gratitude enough!


Thank you to CJS Communications for donating all the equipment and labor to install the 10Gbps connections in the Student Center.  This is allowing our students to video capture across the network instead of having to run costly HDMI wires and install special video capture cards!


Would you like to be an OCS eSports Sponsor?  


Please email to discuss your sponsorship opportunities.  

The future growth plans for the Innovation Lab and eSports arena.


Innovation Lab Growth


1.  In order to hold an actual class, we will need to increase the number of workstations.  This would require some strategic sponsors to donate money and/or equipment to the school.  Currently, we need 12-14 more of these workstations and components.

I.  12 - 14 Mac Pros model 7,1 with the following specs

A. 8-16 cores

B. 32-64 GB of Ram

C. An AMD 5700W with 16Gb of RAM or better Graphics card

2019 Mac Pro model 7,1
II.   12 - 14 Asus Rog Swift 360Hz Monitors

III.  12-14 sets of headphones (Ideally, Astro Gaming A40 TR Red to match the other 6 stations)

IV.  12-14 Thermaltake UFit Black and Red Gamin Chairs (or we can custom brand a gaming chair if you'd want with yours and our logo on them).  

V.  12-14 Gaming Desks (Ideally, Eureka Z1-S 44.5" RGB to match what we currently use)

VI. 19 - 3D Printers (Makerbot, Dremel or MakerGear)
MakerBot Replicator+
VII. 19 - 24" Cintiq Screens for Graphic Arts

VIII. 24 - Occulus Quest 2 or HTC Focus 3's with a container for updates and charging.

IX. - A Student Center Transformation

The current student center is the largest academic room the school has in its Upper School building.  In order to maximize the space and transform it into a natural "Innovation Lab" that is engaging and inspiring for students, we will need to "redesign" this space from the top down.  We are looking for passionate progressive sponsors that like the processes of iteration as well as conceptual design to help us rethink this area.  We have secured the help of two excellent professionals in this arena to design the inside and shape the mechanical structures to meet the needs of this new room.  If you are interested in helping fund this project please let us know!

Here is an example of what we "envision" the lab might look like.  This is a high school lab in South Carolina.  


F1S eSports Lab

F1S eSports Lab

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