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We have very exciting news to share with everyone in the Orangewood community.  It has been 4 years since we have deployed 1 to 1 iPads to every student and teacher at Orangewood.  iLearn@OCS started our innovation journey and has helped us with ensuring our deployment is consistent for all students, reliable for all teachers, and most importantly safe for all in our community.  The time to upgrade our fleet with new devices, cases, and pencils is coming very soon.  We are very excited for the next chapter in our iLearn adventure and new ascent up our Magnetic Mountain of Innovation.  However, with receiving new technology, the logistics of collecting old inventory, wiping devices, selling our fleet, acquiring a new fleet, and deploying a new fleet becomes a major logistical milestone for us to ensure a smooth transition.  Here are “all the things” you need to know as we begin our accent.


iPad Collection


The iPad collection will look very different for each grade level.  K4-3rd grade iPads will be collected in the classrooms the next couple of weeks.  


Lower School


  1. iPads in 4th grade will be collected on Friday,  May 10th. (We will finish collecting anyone that is absent or missing on the following week.)
  2. iPads in 5th grade will be collected on the 15th of May.  (We will collect the iPads of absent students on the 17th.) 
  3. iPads in the 6th grade will be collected on the 16th of May. (We will collect the iPads of absent students on the 17th.) 
  • Please Note:  If you are not returning the OCS next year, please make sure to turn in your equipment to Dr. Porter only.   


Upper School


  1. We will begin by collecting the bulk of Senior iPads on Thursday, May 2nd.  (Seniors who need to keep their iPads for AP testing can make arrangements with Mrs. Torrez personally.)
  2. Students in Middle School and High School will be using the Sign-Up Genius Link below to pick a time slot to meet with one of our technology leads to turn in your equipment.   (i.e. - Mrs. Torrez, Mr. Hazzard, Mr. Lawrence and/or Mr. Cardona)
  • Please Note:  If you are not returning the OCS next year, please make sure to turn in your equipment to Mrs. Hughes only.   


Equipment that is damaged or requires an incident to fix the device will be repaired according to the iPad agreement and no charge will be made as long as there are not 2 claimed incidents for the school year. (Either 2 iPads, 2 Pencils, or a combination of 1 iPad and 1 Pencil can be claimed in a calendar year for an incident.)

Equipment that is not turned in will be charged to your FACTS account on or before Friday, May 31st. 

This will give our staff time to audit any pencils turned in that may not match the record on file for the student. 

Per the iPad Agreement, the following items need to be returned: 

  1. iPad 128Gb 7th Generation, 8th Generation, or 9th Generation
  2. Logitech Keyboard Case – The cost for not turning in OR damage to the case where we cannot assign the case to a new student (i.e., stickers that cannot come off, colored on, or writing that does not come off) is $100
  3. Charger (10W, 12W, or 20W)  – The cost for not turning it in is $20, or turning in non-Apple products is $20     Please note: we will not accept a 5W Apple cell phone charger.
  4. Apple Charging Cable - The cost for not turning in it in is $20. Please note: we will not accept 3rd party cables.
  5. Apple Pencil – The cost of not turning in or turning in someone else's assigned pencil is $90

**Please note - We will verify that the serial number of the pencil turned in was the one originally assigned to the student. Turning in a pencil that was assigned to another student will result in a charge to your FACTS account.  If you would like to verify that you have your pencil, you can come by the Tech office (during break, lunch, or after school) and we can check the serial number of what you have on hand. 

Sign-Up Genius Link for 7th - 12th iPad Return Reservation


Click Here



You will need to select a time on Wednesday, May 22nd after your last exam to turn in your devices.  

As long as you have not already used your 2 incidents this calendar year, your device will be repaired at no cost to you or your family. 

Per the AUP in the iPad Orientation, you should have replaced the lost pencil with an Apple-branded pencil.  However, you will be charged the cost of replacement on your FACTS account.  Please do not attempt to turn in your stylus.

No problem.  No charge for missing a cap or tip.

Unfortunately, we need to turn in the keyboard cases with no stickers or residue on them.  You will be charged for the cost of a replacement keyboard.

Link to iPad Orientation Course - Module 5 - iPad Case Policy

If you are finished with your iPad and you are sure you will not need it until next year, you can begin turning in your iPad on Wednesday, May 15th.

The launch date for new devices will be on Tuesday, July 9th.  We will send out a link to the new iPad Orientation Course around the last week of June.  The new course will need to be completed and a new form will need to be signed before you are able to sign up to pick up your equipment.

No problem.  We will have a special sign up day the Friday before school begins for students who just registered and for any students who haven't been able to come in over the summer.

If you have keys that are not working, please identify them to the person collecting your equipment.  There will not be a charge for broken keys as we can still fix them before the end of the month.

Fantastic question.  You have two main options to back up your notes properly.  


Use iCloud backup in your settings inside of Notability and ensure you have a valid sync and backup.


Use your Google Drive to backup your notes.  Both can be configured inside of Notability.  (iCloud was enabled by default when we setup your device.)

This is a more complicated request.  The limitation in Procreate is that it doesn't use iCloud.  “Feature Request”

However, Mr. Lawrence was kind enough to build a little video tutorial you can use to export your projects into Google Drive so they will be there when you get your new device.

Fantastic question.  Both instructors are well aware and have modified their courses to be completed without the need for a device this summer.  So you will not need your school issued iPad or a substitute device.  However, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Sloan or Mr. Price if you have further questions.