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Let us show you a better way...

Welcome to OCS eSports!

eSports is growing, fast.


eSports has become an officially sanctioned high school and middle school sport, and players across the country are changing what it means to be a student-athlete. To help parents on this new journey, OCS has put together this helpful guide.

I.   About Esports

II.  Benefits of Esports

III. eSports in Education

IV.  Esports Safety

V.  FAQs

I.  About Esports


What is eSports?


Esports officially stands for electronic sports, not to be confused with video games. eSports takes video gaming to another level with organized competitive gameplay between two teams, governed by its own strict set of rules and guidelines. The difference is comparable to a pick-up basketball game at a park versus a varsity high school basketball game. Esports requires teamwork, communication, critical and strategic thinking, creativity, sportsmanship, and leadership — much like traditional sports.

Today, eSports is growing exponentially with 400 million fans worldwide who repeatedly pack out arenas. A recent survey shows that 72% of American teens play video games regularly. Currently, there are nearly 200 colleges and universities offering eSports scholarships. Establishing esports in high school and middle school at OCS enables us to "meet students where they are" and to "do what they love".   Finally, eSports at OCS will provide our students with additional opportunities to earn scholastic recognition.

What do the high school and middle school experiences look like?


Club vs. League

eSports Club at OCS is held a few times per week during lunch.  The goal and mission of eSports club is to:

A.  Build Awareness of the eSports Program here at OCS and some of the different games that are offered.

B.  Building Community for the program.  

Students will develop a sense of belonging, meet new friends and have school pride by playing on a team with classmates.

C.  Character Development - We have chosen 1 Corinthians 12:31 as our "Mantra" for our program.  "Let us show you a better way".   We feel we have an opportunity to teach our students soft skills in "how to win with kindness, lose with dignity, choose better language while playing multiplayer games, how not to "ghost" on your team at the first sign of adversity."  Many students have basically "taught themselves" through OJT (On the Job Training) and do not know how to foster fruitful conversations and relationships when they don't see the other player on the other side of the ball.   OCS eSports players also believe that we have an opportunity to show Jesus to others through our actions.  We know there is a dark side to many experiences in the world and we want to be a guiding light to others who do not know him. 

Our students build character and develop discipline, self-esteem, patience, and sportsmanship through weekly practice and gameplay.  

OCS eSports Club at Lunch
OCS HS eSports Club at Lunch



The league takes place after school in the Innovation Lab or at home.  OCS eSports league currently requires each player to purchase a "Player License" each season in order to compete against other teams around the nation.  Students are added to the team rosters:  Team Zion, in MS, and Team Morpheus, in HS. OCS eSports currently belongs to the High School eSports League and the Middle School eSports League.  The league provides many of the same experiences as the club does but also provides some extra benefits listed below:

D.  Teamwork & Leadership

Like any other high school or middle school sport or extracurricular activity, your student will attend team meetings, (possibly practices), and official matches. However, since esports is played online, there is ​no travel required throughout the regular season. Players compete from their respective campuses or sometimes their homes, supervised by a coach. We have some of the most popular titles in eSports. Each school year is divided into two regular seasons, Fall and Spring, each with its own playoff season.  (Summer season may come soon.)

HS eSports Team Morpheus: COD
HS eSports Team Morpheus: COD


E.  Strategic Thinking

Students will compete in intense and fast-paced real-time strategy games where they will need to quickly solve problems and adapt to win.

Ava E. on Team Zion playing KO City with 2 other teammates
Ava E. on Team Zion playing KO City with 2 other teammates


F.  Scholarships, Recruiting, and Prizes

OCS eSports League players have the opportunity to compete at the highest levels.  Players and teams compete for college scholarships every season and we have recruiters from colleges that "scout" the top eSports players in the nation.  There are also other opportunities for our students to purchase " merch" and win prizes along the way.  

Mr. Ruta congratulating Owen O. on his 18th place finish out of 386 students in Minecraft
Mr. Ruta congratulates Owen O. on his 18th place finish out of 386 students in Middle School Minecraft.  Way to go Owen!


What equipment does my student need to participate?


Good news.  We currently have all of the equipment needed to participate on campus in the future Upper School Innovation Lab.   However, if you are playing from home, it varies by game.  Some students need a specific console or a PC, keyboard, and mouse.  Additional equipment includes a headset with mic, and game controllers.  Our OCS eSports Merch Store will be ready by the summer, so you can purchase your student an official jersey, hoodie, joggers..etc that can be worn on game days or on Friday's Spirit wear days.