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9:00am - 12:00pm Camp Offerings

Join us for this fun themed camp week that includes centers, hands-on learning, games, crafts, snacks, and much more!

Discover a new Dino every day. We’ll read books, do dino crafts, and even make some tasty treats!  Taught by Mrs. Erin-Elizabeth Hamlett.

Students will enter the magical world of Pixie Hollow, enjoying hands-on crafts and games while learning about all the different talents a Pixie Hollow fairy can have. Students will enjoy seeing how each talent serves Pixie Hollow and the Mainland, and the camp week will culminate in a movie-watching party of the first Tinker Bell film (2008).  Taught by Ms. Emma Brightman.

Math is everywhere in God’s creation and a concept that is used in your daily life. By joining this camp you will keep your math skills sharp for the upcoming school year. We will be doing a lot of hands-on activities involving math and some fun interactive worksheets, so bring your thinking cap! Taught by Ms. Brittni Rocanello. Bonus:  For OCS students this camp will fulfill the lower school summer math requirement.

Join us for a fun week of cheer camp that is designed to develop confidence, introduce the fundamentals of cheerleading, and teach the importance of team bonding.  Come learn cheers, jumps, a dance routine, and age appropriate stunts.  Taught by Mrs. Jordan Jackson.

Are you “Bored” of Board Games? Maybe you are not playing the right ones. Come play with us, and you could take over Tokyo with a giant penguin, sneak chickens into town right under the Sheriff’s nose, or piece together parts of a ancient flying ship before being destroyed by a giant sandstorm! Taught by Dr. Jennifer Fowinkle.


1:00pm - 4:00pm Camp Offerings

Join us for this fun themed camp week that includes centers, hands-on learning, games, crafts, snacks, and much more!

Hang out with Miss Brittni and jump into your favorite Disney Movies such as Toy Story, Monster’s Inc, and other Disney Classics!

Skill stations, hot shot competition, free throw competition, 3 on 3 league, 1 on 1 league, Hero, relays, beat the Coach and more! Campers will learn and practice the fundamentals of basketball for individual development and team play. This camp week will equip student-athletes with the basic understanding of all aspects of the game as well as take-home drills for the driveway. Coached by Coach Ian McVay.

Bible Journaling is a great way to connect with God through His Word, and to grown in our relationship with Him. We will learn to do this as a devotional practice, responding to the Biblical text in a creative way in the pages of our Bible with art. Students will learn a variety of art techniques that will help them illustrate their faith.

Campers will enjoy a week of growing their Christian leader skills. They will learn more about their God given talents and spiritual gifts and how to use those to lead others.  Taught by Ms. Jordan Case.