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9:00am - 12:00pm Camp Offerings

Join us for this fun themed camp week that includes centers, hands-on learning, games, crafts, snacks, and much more!

Students will be pinching, coiling and working with a variety of tools to mold fun ceramic pieces that parents and students will be able to keep for many years to come. We will be creating 1-3 pieces a day that will be both functional and decorative. Students will also explore painting with different mediums. Taught by Mrs. Brittney Hamilton.

Come swim along with Miss Brittni as you explore the deep blue sea as majestic mermaids. As you wiggle into your tails you will create masterpieces that involve lots of glitter! What better way to spend your week than as the underwater princess, Ariel!

Join Miss Hackart and friends for S’more Jesus - A Camping Adventure! Because Jesus makes me a happy camper, my ultimate desire is to speak life into your student and give them s’more Jesus during their summer fun week with me. We will explore His creation, pitch a tent, camp out in God’s word and trek with faith on the adventure He has in store for us. Jesus loves us beary much and I am pawsitive that your child will walk away knowing that God has a purpose and plan for their life!

Sing, Dance and Act! Become a real triple threat! Learn vocal technique, Hiphop choreography, and scenes from TV! This triple talent camp will be full of learning, fun and growing confidence! Taught by Mrs. Sarah Newton.

Bring your school supplies, hairbrushes, favorite water bottle! Vinyl monograms will be designed and applied to items brought by campers.  Taught by Mrs. Courtney Poppell.


1:00pm - 4:00pm Camp Offerings

Join us for this fun themed camp week that includes centers, hands-on learning, games, crafts, snacks, and much more!

We will work on a scene, music and choreography for a musical performance on Friday.  Taught by Mrs. Michelle Brightman.

A hands on experimental, educational, and FUN camp that will transform your child into a scientist. Understand the concepts of what makes up a cell, density, chemistry, and more! Watch chemical reactions take place and construct scientific models with food. This camp taught by Miss Brittni will ignite your child’s love for science.

Campers will be split up into teams creating the most delicious food from cooking to baking. Each food item will then be judged and the winning team will win a grand prize.  Taught by Ms. Jordan Case.

Students learn important and foundational writing skills necessary to craft a compelling and original story. Through short films, games, and hands-on activities, students will brainstorm character and plot elements for their very own story.  Taught by Ms. Emma Brightman.