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The Middle School is putting the health and instruction of our students first. We developed a Flex Learning Plan that allows students to work at a steady pace and without overload. We are using a mixture of methods to allow students to push forward in their academics while also being flexible and working in ways that is not a burden on them or their families. 

We are continuing to use an effective blend of tools to provide students with a customized plan for their unique flex learning experience. Communication methods for Middle School students will include:

  • Teachers will use RenWeb/FACTS to share lesson plans with families.  These lesson plans (located under the Lesson Plans tab in Renweb/FACTS) will serve as an instructional guide for students to follow. Students and parents should check daily the Lesson Plans tab in RenWeb/FACTS.
  • Many of the curricular resources we use are digital and web-based and teachers will work with families to ensure you have the websites, usernames, and passwords you need for work at home.   
  • Teachers will continue to assess learning in a variety of ways. This may require you to send in scanned copies, photos and/or screenshots of work samples to be graded, and we will work with students to make this as easy as possible. There may also be work that is not required to be turned in until we return to campus. Teachers will advise as necessary.

Homeroom teachers are communicating with their students daily, and teachers will be recording live teaching lessons that students can access through their school-issued iPad. Our teachers and students are utilizing all of these tools to assist in the creation of assignments and turning work in.  The Middle School teachers are also holding regular "office hours" Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm allowing the parents of students to check in, ask questions, and continue to build relationships while students are participating in Flex Learning.