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  • Distancing will be maintained as much as possible, by classroom.
  • Chairs and desks will be spread out in the classroom and not touching.
  • Student seating will all face the same direction to limit face-to-face contact.
  • All systems were prepared for the year by a third-party provider.
  • OCS will practice more frequent changes to air filters.
  • Classroom doors will be opened throughout the day for ventilation when not in the classroom. 
  • All families are encouraged to monitor the health of their children. Please check temperatures before leaving home each morning. In addition to a potential fever, individuals displaying any cold or flu-like symptoms should stay home. 
  • All students, faculty, and staff member temperatures will be tested in the morning upon their arrival to campus. Individual’s testing over 100 degrees will undergo additional testing, be isolated from others on campus, and asked to return home or be picked up.
  • Individuals are to consult with their primary care provider and the school before they can be cleared to return to campus. OCS Flex will be available to ensure students do not fall behind in their studies when they are at home ill. These days will not be counted against their attendance record if they complete their school work. 

The temperature of 100 degrees or higher will indicate a child or staff member should go home.

Yes and if manipulatives and supplies are shared they will be sanitized between classes.

  • Remote learning will look different this year. 
  • We will offer a flexible learning option (OCS Flex) for students sick at home, and for families who would rather have their child learn from home at this time. 
  • OCS Flex will be modified and focus on the main subject areas. Course content will be pre-recorded by teachers and delivered to students. Coursework will be student-paced. Teachers will maintain regular contact with distant learners. Student attendance will count when working from home. 

All families will receive an opt-in form they can use to indicate their intention to participate in OCS Flex on July 30,2020.

With recent Orange and Seminole County masking guidance, OCS will require all faculty, staff and students grades 1st-12th to wear a face mask at all times while on campus and indoors. When outdoors and social distancing can be maintained, masks will be optional. We will review this policy with our school board and healthcare professional’s council on a regular basis in hopes we can relax the policy in the near future. If you have a medical reason for not being able to wear a mask you will need to provide a doctor’s note.

A face shield is not a replacement for a mask. 

  • Wash/sanitize hands regularly.
  • Commonly touched areas will be cleaned hourly.
  • Desks wiped down in between classes. 
  • Lunch areas wiped down in between divisions.
  • Each classroom will be fogged for disinfection at the end of each school day.
  • UV Handheld Sterilizers used in classes to sterilize surfaces and supplies.
  • Daily deep cleaning at the end of each day by the cleaning crew.

Upper School break and lunch will be held outdoors and students will be socially distanced. 

Lower school lunch and recess groupings will be by grade level and homeroom. This will allow more room to spread out. We are fortunate to have the picnic table areas to eat our lunch outside.

  • At the lower school, our clubs will still be offered after school starting the first week of school.
  • Your child must be registered and unless the club is outside, will require your child to wear a mask (this includes kindergarten students who will be mixed with other grades).
  • We will follow the same cleaning protocols for clubs as we do during the day at school.
  • For now, large gatherings will be limited and social distance practiced. 
  • Chapels at the lower school will be recorded and shown in the classroom.
  • The number of students per trip will be limited, and student seating will be managed for maximum distancing.
  •  All students must wear a mask and face forward.
  • The bus will be sanitized after each trip.
  • A permission slip must be completed by Friday morning the week before and indicate the days your child will be riding.

Each group of students will stay together in their homeroom. The classroom teachers will rotate instead of the students. This includes special teachers who will rotate. Classes such as PE which are held outside will continue to be held outside.

Students will be able to remove their masks when outdoors for break, lunch, PE, and/or outdoor classroom time. 

Field trips are being examined to determine the safest timing to conduct them. 

Unless by appointment-only, we are limiting those on campus to faculty, staff and students at this time. We hope to relax this at some point soon as parent volunteers are a special part of OCS.  

  • If a student, a member of the student’s household or an Orangewood faculty or staff member tests positive for COVID, they are to seek the medical attention of their doctor, quarantine at home, and follow the CDC and school’s guidance at that time. For students which have a sibling who attends Orangewood, they too will be asked to quarantine. 
  • Using today’s CDC guidelines (July 2020) as an example, individuals would quarantine for a period of no less than 10 days after the onset of first symptoms, must be fever free for at least 24 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medicine, and symptoms must have improved before the school will consider their return to campus.
  • Individuals which are quarantined and asymptomatic would remain isolated at home for no less than 14 days, and until cleared to return by their doctor and the school.
  • During the isolation period, individuals should maintain contact with their primary care provider and the school, and not return unless cleared by both. 
  • Upon the school’s being made aware of a positive case, the school will notify parents via email that their student might have come into contact with another student, a student of a household member, or faculty or staff member which has tested positive.  Upon receiving notification, parents will be asked to monitor their child’s general health and wellness, and can elect to have their child return to school if completely symptom-free.  
  • One of the primary reasons Orangewood is requiring the wearing of masks while indoors is to limit the risk of exposure between individuals.  It’s from this guidance of our school’s healthcare professionals which the entire class will not be asked to quarantine or to be tested before returning to campus.
  • The school will monitor the number of positive cases by campus and grades, and notify parents if any short-term suspension of campus operations need be considered.

Students demonstrating any signs of cold or flu symptoms should not come to school.  Symptoms may include, yet not be limited to, a fever, coughing, sneezing, nausea, achiness, or general pain.