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Orangewood requires only those vaccinations outlined by the State of Florida as necessary for attending school.  As of today, and because COVID-19 vaccination is not required by the State, it will not be required of our school.  

Yes. Adult and students registering a 100-degree temperature or higher will be asked to leave campus. 

No, we'd ask that the student remain at home and consult with the family's primary care physician, seek CDC guidance, and follow the school's requirements for returning to campus.

If COVID positive, we ask that your child remain at home for 10 days following their first symptoms, is fever-free for 24 hours, and other symptoms of COVID are improving, before returning to campus.

If someone in a child's household tests positive, they should:

Remain off-campus for 10 days from date of contact with household member and their first symptom or positive test (whichever is earliest) and may return on day 11 if asymptomatic.


If you desire that your child returns sooner and he or she is asymptomatic, you can have them tested on or after day 5 from exposure.  If negative, he or she may return to campus starting on day 8.

If your child has been fully vaccinated or has tested positive for COVID within the last three months (currently recovered and asymptomatic), please contact your child's principal or dean to discuss a return plan prior to returning to campus.

At this time, Orangewood will not require a doctor’s note or release to return to campus.   

Yes, student absences due to COVID or other illness-related reasons are considered excused absences, with provided documentation from a medical professional.

Yes.  If a student, faculty, or staff member tests positive, Orangewood will email school families to let them know so that households may monitor their health.

Emailed communications will be sent by campus (upper and lower) to respective school families, and provide the grade of the student, faculty, or staff member.

At this time, we will not be notifying families of cases other than students, faculty, and staff.

Yes, Orangewood will monitor absences and student illnesses daily and adjust campus operations, as necessary.

No. Orangewood discontinued this offering January 1, 2021, and does not plan to offer a distancing learning option at this time.

Yes, we love having parents visit. Please continue to work with the school's front office to coordinate such times.

Always feel free to contact us. One way you can contact us is using