OCS Building & Land Endeavors

New Updates 4/3/17



Our architect and engineer have continued to work diligently with the City on our project and we anticipate receiving the City’s final building permit approval soon. Also, local construction firm, Collage, has been gaining pricing from subcontractors and we anticipate receiving final pricing over the next few weeks so we may move to the construction phase of this work.



Lower School Media Center ("The Hub") and Upper Campus Cafeteria ("The Grove")

As shared in March and with the gracious generosity of the Orangewood family, we have fully funded our upper campus cafeteria work and phase I for our lower campus media center. Again, phase I will focus on permanent structure work and include improvements to walls and paint, and the addition of soffits, technology counters, and electrical work. Similar to our RamShack, we have partnered with HuntonBrady to help us advance both projects. We will meet again with them on Thursday so we may finalize designs for both areas. Our tentative schedule is to begin this work during the summer months.
























Gym Improvements

A new bleacher system, including fabric-padded seats and its retractable wooden structure will be installed in July. In addition to bleachers, we are working on other aesthetic and acoustic improvements for this space in an effort to advance the work as a second phase of gym renovations. No timeline has been prepared for the aesthetics and acoustical work at this time.

Batting Cage 

Our contractor and engineer have finalized our permit package and we will submit to the City this week for review