"Why We Need a COMPASS"

Allyn Williams (OCS Executive Director)

Dear OCS Parents,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to a new resource for parents: COMPASS.  As you open and (hopefully) read this first edition, I want to give you some information on its roots and purpose.

COMPASS is a culmination of our efforts as a church and a school to offer support and care for our families.  The name is highly intentional: Collaborating On Mindful Parenting And Student Success.  I'd like to clarify the three main themes embedded in this title.

Collaboration:  We believe that our community reflects a cord of three strands (Ecclesiastes 4:12): the home, the church, and the school.  When we put our collective heads together and bear down on our struggles, not only do we feel less overwhelmed in the context of the community but we glean wisdom from those who have gone before us or who are currently engaged in the very same struggle.  

Mindful Parenting:  Proverbs 22:6 says that if we raise up our child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.  We know that the way he should go is found in Scripture. The understanding of how to apply what we believe to the variety of parenting situations requires some thought!  As parents, we often find ourselves reacting instead of preparing.  This newsletter hopes to offer up thoughtful wisdom and research that is helpful to the craft of mindful parenting.  

Student Success:  This term can be misunderstood.  The profile of a successful OCS student is not one of mere measurable standards (GPA, test scores, college admissions decisions, goals scored, a winning team, ribbons and medals, number of Instagram likes), but that our students would long to serve their creator God in his kingdom.  And that, in this longing, they would heartily pursue their specific call.  That longing and pursuit is the success we're looking for.

COMPASS is organized in a regular series of columns that hopes to address all of who we are. This includes our minds, emotions, relationships, physical bodies, and most importantly, our spiritual nature that is made to be in a relationship with the triune God. These columns are written by folks in our community whose careers and hearts have been drawn to these very topics and who are happy to share their research, experience, and wisdom. Our hope is that this serves as a resource and that you will know you are part of a thinking and loving community as you build fences for your family and then live in that pasture together.

This year, you can expect three editions of the COMPASS newsletter: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Please give us your feedback.  That's what this is all about.


Allyn Williams