Spiritual Life

Our teachers pray for our middle school students every day.  Each of the middle school staff are given a list of students to pray for each school year. Through this, we hope to convay to our students that prayer is very powerful and an important part of our daily journey with Christ.


Imagine a world in which unity and service takes precedence over greed and pride. Imagine seeing middle school students cultivating a heart that places the needs of others above their own. Our desire for the middle school students here at Orangewood Christian School is to have their hearts melted by the Gospel of Christ. Not surprisingly, we place a high emphasis on loving each other well in practical and tangible ways, along with serving others. Some opportunities for students to be transformed by the gospel are chapel, Bible class and outside service activities all falling under the yearly theme and vision that has been bathed in prayer and discussion.

  • Outreach projects are coordinated with staff and students throughout the school year with the emphasis on giving to others of our time and service, not just our money.
  • Chapels are held weekly to share topics with students that impact their lives, but also our world.  Guiding our students with their faith journey is an ongoing process that we nurture all year long.
  • Bible classes not only teach the Gospel, but provide a platform for students to engage with others about their faith.  It also allows students to ask questions in a safe place.