Orangewood Christian School 1:1 Program                        
Goals and Objectives

Students entering the workforce in the twenty-first century need technology that allows them to be contributing employees who assist in the success of businesses and organizations in a highly competitive, technological, and global society.

Student learning requires a combination of quality educational experiences and access to appropriate resources.  Developing students’ technology skills to high levels requires us to provide both of these components.

The Orangewood Christian School 1:1 Laptop Initiative will enable OCS to provide the opportunity and the resources to bring equitable student access to technology and the educational experiences that integrate technology into learning.
  • 1.Improve the technology literacy of graduating students from Orangewood Christian School
  • 2.Expand learning environments that integrate technology into classroom instruction and student learning
  • 3.Provide a 1:1 student-computer ratio that makes technology resources accessible to all secondary students, enabling and encouraging digital learning during and beyond the school day
  • 4.Prepare graduates for the workplace by providing educational opportunities for technology literacy through experiences with the following technology skills and applications:
a.      Applying word-processing skills
b.      Researching and acquiring information
c.       Preparing and using spreadsheets
d.      Creating multimedia presentations
e.      Understanding the basic functions of a computer
f.        Using technology and related resources responsibly
g.      Increasing communication skills using software applications

Orangewood Students in grades 6th - 12th are required to come to school every day with their laptops.

Windows Operating System – that would be Windows 7 or 8. Duo Core processor or i3 on up.  
Apple Macbooks – that would include the MacBook Pro or Air. Must be running OS X (10).  
Screen size: between 10” and 13.3” – anything larger would be heavier and the battery life would be less.  
Built-in wireless connectivity  
2 gigabyte of RAM – this is the bare minimum for running Windows 7 and the programs that students will be running.  
Battery life: 6 hours – this can be one or multiple batteries.
These specs will allow students to do their work. However, if you’re looking for increased speed, here’s our recommendation:  
Windows 7 or 8  4 – 8 GB RAM  i3, i5 or i7 processor. These are the most current processors in Windows.
Please note: The following are not supported:  
Android tablets  
Windows RT. This one is a little tricky. RT runs on the Microsoft Surface tablet. Surface comes in two flavors: Pro and RT. Surface Pro is supported, RT is not.